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Fishy Game
- Eat smaller to grow bigger, swim fast and skillful. Outsmart and outmaneuver every fish. In a very crowded underwater world is hard to survive. Everyone and everything bigger than you is after you all the time. But the concept of the game is simple, eat all those smaller than you and avoid everything bigger. Brushing fins with big ones is nothing but trouble for you. At the very beginning you need to outsmart and outmaneuver every fish out there but as you grow bigger it gets easier. And as we all know the sea bed is full of all kinds of treasures. If you're lucky you just might find gold ring, necklace or pendant or even the whole treasure box while you're down there snorkeling in your fishy game! Best of luck in escaping catfish and other big ones! This game was originally made by XGenStudios' but it comes in various flavors nowadays! And finally enjoy in this great game we bring to you.
The center of our site is the Fishy Game that has been around for quite some time now. Game that has been played numerous times and revived more than once. Beside that we will also bring other fishing games directly to you, like the 2nd sequel and more like underwater racing. We are adding new flash games very often, so don't forget to bookmark us, and check back daily. Enjoy! If you have any problems loading a game or any other technical issue, please contact site admin on contact us page.

Basically, the whole website is focused on a single flash game - Fishy Classic Game. Originally developed by XGenStudios, the game is now spread all over the Internet in so many different variations. The main concept always remains the same, and is based upon the original idea. Your little fish is swimming in an overcrowded underwater world, full of dangerous predators. The rules are simple: either you eat and grow or you get eaten. In order to survive, you must stay calm and focused, always prepared to skilfully avoid larger fishes. There are few things you should be aware of. Make sure you have the latest functional Flash plug-in to play the game. Unfortunately, the game will not allow you to save it at some point, simply because that option does not exist and has never been implemented. Sometimes, it is difficult to keep the focus all the time, so it would be great to get the game paused. Well, you can't do that either, and that's exactly what makes this game so challenging. Controls are also very simple: you use basic arrow keys to get up, down, left and right, to move your fish around. If you still need some additional help you can read the Instructions which is the part of the game's main menu.

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Fishy Game
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